Game development has been tremendous since 2011, especially with reference to gaming design, technology, and flexibility. There has been immense progress in gaming animation, prompted by an emerging generation of consoles.

A core feature in the 2010s gaming is the inclusion of some of the most powerful and complex hardware in the history of gaming. The 2010s’ gaming products are also characterized by more control of characters by animators, a feat made possible by the use of complex rigs.

In the last five years, animators have extensively used motion capture technology to advance game development, enabling the creation of games with more accurate and unique facial animations and expressions. Currently, animators spend more time, resources, and testing to minimize gaming hitches.

The rigid movements observed in earlier games have since been replaced with more flexible and realistic movements. For instance, in shooting games, acts such as guns recoiling and characters rolling or jumping over objects are now easily achievable. Thus, advances in technology have made it possible for animators to create unique and more intriguing moves and character fluidity.

Step by Step Game Development

Game development is a process that not only depends on skill but also the mind. Game developers are great critical thinkers and great programmers as well. The other skill that one should learn is graphic design and animation.

The first thing that an aspiring game developer should do is develop their critical thinking ability. They can start off this step by challenging themselves to come up with different ideas of games or imagine how an existing game would be like if it had different features. This step is very essential because one cannot develop something that they have not visualized in their mind. Having many ideas pushes one to work hard towards achieving them.

The second step is choosing a programming language and writing the code. One should settle for a language that they are conversant with, or take time to learn the basics if it is a new language. In this step one converts what they had in their mind into program code. This is the core of game development, without code the game is as good as an idea. One should sharpen their programming prowess because coding can take up much of a person’s time if they don’t know what they are doing.

Once one has mastered the art of programming, they can now go ahead and learn how to create graphics for the game. Just like programming, graphic design needs a lot of practice. Graphic design involves creating visuals and animations for the game.