Dice games are the oldest and one. The dice games involved with gambling are probably the most thrilling and popular ones. Games are played as centuries. So old is there source which the inventor isn’t known by the historians. Nevertheless, from whatever can be obtained it could be said that dice games originated in cultures around the same time. Illustrations of the games have been found on Egyptian tombs and the ancient Greeks also played the games. In fact the Chinese dominoes are regarded as a variation of the dice games. Besides being a source of amusement these games were used before for other major purposes such as for discovering future rulers, predicting future events and dividing land.

Cleromancy is the title given to the action of casting die or small objects to be able to predict the future. The first dice was composed of pebbles, fruits stones, human or animal bones, sea shells etc. Dice games form part of the excitement that is gambling. Whilst the common man uses conventional dice, casinos utilize casino dice. The standard die is cubic in dimension with dots punctured on each side, counting seven. The numbers of the other hand add up to seven. The conventional dice has rounded borders to make it roll readily. The casino dice is more perfect mainly because its money that’s involved.

The hole punctured are filled up with another substance to make each side weigh equal. The casino dice have the same chance on landing on either side. Other types of dice are crooked dice, loaded dice, polyhedral dice. The most thrilling of the dice matches played in casinos is craps’. Craps can either be street crap or bank crap. Nevertheless, usually, this matches involves shooting die to gat a seven or an eleven which is regarded as an automatic win and is known as craps’. Another game that’s played using 3 die is Grand Hazard. The basic concept of the game is betting on the outcome of the roll of die.

Shooting of with the dice is integral part of a few dice matches. The activity decides one’s fate in the game. In craps, with the player with the dice rolls the dice to a blackboard. The dice hits the board and fall back. The side on which the dice fall is plain luck. Nevertheless, a few players utilize rhythm rolling to control the outcome. By this method, with the player holds and rolls with the dice in a way to get the desired numbers. However this method requires skill and practice. Another way is rolling the dice. Rolling with the dice, however, can be manipulated.