How did work? 

The technical implementation provides compliance with the principles and values that are common for all games based on the DICEGAME platform. It offers such advantages as transparency and simplified verification of results. All algorithms from game mechanics to tournaments rely extensively on smart contracts. In addition to it, blockchain also allows to have reliable and secure betting and awarding mechanisms.

We have selected the appropriate game algorithms taking into account two key values: having no reason to cheat and having a simple way to verify game results.

How in work game Dicegame

Dice Tokens

Dice Tokens

Token Dice is our internal utility token used by the DICEGAME platform. Through the Dice token we are aimed to develop the platform and integrate it with our own games and games of other vendors. The Dice tokens can be bought, sold, exchanged to any other cryptocurrencies, transferred to other parties using the Dice Wallet integrated into the DICEGAME platform.

Token is released on Ethereum platform according to ERC20 standard. The ICO participants will be able to buy 70% of the tokens. Tokens allocated for the team will be hold for 12 months.

Tokens for games inside the platform

Dice tokens as our internal coin can be used in the games inside the DICEGAME platform. When using Dice tokens there is only 1% of fee charged which is much more less than using any other cryptocurrencies.


High transaction speed

Graphene allows to conduct 10,000-100,000 transactions per second due to parallelization and scalability

No special skills required to increase winning odds

Platform supports unskilled games of equal chance. You just have to roll the dice and blockchain will take care of all calculations and estimations

Bonus tournaments

Bonus tournaments are held on a regular basis and VIP-investors get life-long unconditional access to them. 50% of collected fees gets automatically transferred into BT prize fund

High level of security

We store everything in blockchain. Thus, all the data is kept safe and immutable

Face-to-face games in the P2P network

There are only you and your opponent. No third party, no ‘bank’ nor ‘casino’ is involved. Platform has absolutely no interest in cheating. Both players have equal chances to win

Deposits and withdrawals at user’s disposal

We do not impose limits on deposits and withdrawals. We believe anyone should be able control his resources freely

Play with any cryptocurrency you want

Except Dice token, there will be an opportunity to play with BTC, ETH, LTC etc

 Say goodbye to Random Number Generator

There are no centralized nodes that could influence players’ dice. The results are determined solely by smart contract and data from both participants in a pair


All aspects of game mechanics and algorithms used by the platform will be open and decentralized 

All operations and interactions between investors and the DICEGAME platform are conducted by smart contracts. They define all the logic and conditions that are impossible to change. Also we provide one extra advantage to Dice token holders: if at the end of sale period the coins used to buy our token have raised in price, we will compensate for this by transferring additional tokens for those who is in the VIP investors’ list (investments no less than 1 BTC or 10 ETH). It allows to invest without worrying about current exchange rates.

Our Team


Founder & leader of the public corporation “Prime Stream” (development of business architecture, financial regulations).

Leader of the public corporation “24 ICE” (leadership and management direction, partners research & cooperation).

Author of the idea & founder of the park of attractions “Dinopark” (project development and promotion, organization & control of financial and legal aspects).

Author of the idea & founder of the public corporation “Programming production” (team building, game development, legal licensing).

Yahor Punko CMO

Cofounder of the “” (online data base development)

Leader of the project in the ” mmorpg” (mobile game development)

Leader of the marketing project in the ” ABW.BY” (eCommerce projects development) 

Vasily Rusakovich CTO

Software Engineer at DataTrails project (development of data import architecture, implementation of nodes loading & linking solution). 

Software Engineer at Bill + Payment project (development of payment system for online education service);

Software Engineer at State Watcher project (architecture development of the complex system for monitoring and analyzing the state and parameters of network nodes);

Software Engineer at eDelivery project (implementation of the data artifacts distribution, integration with Amazon environment) 

Author of the idea & founder of the public corporation “Programming production” (development of technical architecture and solutions, game development).

Vitaliy Panasik Design Officer

Content manager and visual graphics designer in the public cooperation “TechnoTorg” (eCommerce project);

Leader of the online sales service project in ABW.BY (marketing design for eCommerce projects);

Project manager & UI designer in (online transportation and logistics service).

Kate Baeva PR Officer

Leader at Achieve3000 project, platform for online learning & training (application development and marketing of online education service); 

Leader at Sephora project, leading chain in global prestige retail (mobile development of the eCommerce app, digital marketing);

Project representative & speaker in the set of business conferences in New York (Achive3000);

Project representative & speaker in the set of business conferences in San Francisco (Sephora);

Aleksandr Rusanov Business Strategy Director

 than 15 years in digital industries and experience in complex industrial projects implementation.

Held leading and executive positions in international corporations for high-tech like SAP ( and IBM ( Lately in CEO role successfully headed multi-million iGaming business to international promotion and growth.


Development of the project in the sphere of judicial expertise;

Founder of the project in the ” Promise” (online news service, backend and frontend development);


Front end developer in “”, online retailer of the consumer electronics. 

Developer and founder of the service “”, delivery of electronics. 

Developer in “”, online retailer of consumer electronics. 

 than three years of the freelancing (development of sites on turnkey basis).


Content Manager & SMM at Teddy S.p.A Official TERRANOVA community for Russian audience.

Visual designer for music and media projects in PODNEBESES and Ledokol.

Designer of presentation materials and promotional products at ELENA KIPER Publishing & Production. 

Vitaliy Zvirbul Scrum-master & Researcher

Project manager in the public cooperation “Power resources”.

Sales manager in the public cooperation “Mobile supply”.

Yulia Shirokostup Community Manager

Interpreter at the 2nd International Short Film Festival ” Kinosmena” (accompanying British director, translation of subtitles and annotations to films, correspondence with foreign directors, assistance in organizing the event) 

Conference assistant at ” Digital Go!” (assistance in organizing the event, meeting guests)

Interpreter at the Belarus Fashion Week (accompanying foreign designer)

Aleksey BORUSHKO Community Manager

Experience in engagement with users in public channels, analysis and content preparation for community channels, articles translation 

Alina Shamich Community Manager

Marketing experience in IT sphere.

Content & SMM manager at Welness&Spa; project from Starpool 

Marketing and promotion specialist at EGGER Collection décorative 2017 – 2019

SMM manager at Platforma project from Technogym 

Mariya Stepanchenko Copywriter

Sales and content manager at the public cooperation “Almier” (steel and metal warehouse). 

Content manager & Copywriter at the Multy project (multcryptocyrrency wallet development under the partnership with CyberFund)


Eric Sun Project Development


CEO of Bit.Game- the world first token exchange focus on Blockchain game industry. Mr. Sun is also The organizer of GBGU(Global Blockchain Game Union).

Before Bit.Game, Eric was CEO of Palm2Play inc, a mobile game company, their game published on AppStore and GooglePlay, operating in Southeast Asia, MENA, and China.

Valery Vaskabovich Blockchain Architect, Technical Advisor

10 years in mobile app development. Was a part of numerous project featured by the Apple. Has experience in game development.

Co-founder and Tech Lead of Raid Wars project. 

Anton Ostrovsky Blockchain


Entrepreneur, investor and manager of IT-projects.

FinTech expert with  than 15 years’ experience in business management in CIS countries and on global markets. 

Liliia Shevtsova ICO Advisor

Blockchain Expert

Experienced Human Resources Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the mining & metals industry, IGaming and Sales.

Skilled in Talent Management, HR Consulting, Coaching, Personnel Management, and Executive Search.  than 6 years in Communication Manager role.

Jungki Claudio Oh BLOCKCHAIN


Studied computer science at university of North Carolina and university of Pennsylvania, and Sogang university.

Experienced as a university professor and serial entrepreneur in fields of blockchain, mobile, fintech, and strategy consulting in Korea, Singapore, and China. Working on a few global blockchain projects as an significant advisor.

Morten Røngaard ICO


CEO of Reality Gaming Group Ltd – the brain behind the original idea for Reality Clash, the world’s first AR/VR game using geo-location and blockchain with own cryptocurrency.

Also co-founder of Stakem – properly the world’s biggest Masternode service provider in the making. Frequent speaker about ICO from own experience with leading a successful ICO campaign for Reality Clash and delivering the promised results in full, and also about the Future of Gaming and how to use blockchain in your business.

Developing games of poker such as Poker

Poker is a game of strategy. It is necessary to understand the rules and the specific areas that a poker player can use to their advantage. There are many different variations of poker. Today we will compare and contrast different strategies for five card draw poker and Texas Hold Em, or even if you are developing your own poker development.

In five card draw poker there is a big blind and a little blind. This is similar to Texas Hold Em and other flop poker games. The key difference in five card is that each player is dealt five cards. The little blind chooses to either ante or raise and it goes through all the rest of the players.

Poker is a game of skill as much as anything

The key thing in strategy in five card draw poker is that the only insight a player as at an opposing players hands is how they bet. Furthermore, the definition of a good hand changes in five card draw, whereas a good hand in Texas Hold Em is based off the cards on the table.

In Texas Hold Em each player is dealt two hole cards. Then in succession five cards are dealt that are community cards. Insight into other players cards can be judged by how each players bets each successive round. The definition of a good hand changes based on the cards on the table. In five card draw any flush is a strong hand because the probability of another player having a flush is less likely. In Hold Em games if there are four of the same suit on the community board it doesn’t justify a huge bet on just any flush.

This is just an early primer on the strategy of poker. Entire books have been written on poker strategies and how to win at poker. Texas Hold Em tends to be one of the more popular games because of the increased strategy in the game. Five Card Poker is easier to teach a novice player because of the simplicity in betting and strategy.