For the ICO tokens are released on the Ethereum platform according to the ERC20 standard. Total number of tokens issued is 300 000 000. The ICO participants will be able to buy 70% of the tokens. All the unsold tokens will be burned.

Token Exchange Rate Compensation for VIP Investors

We have developed a special mechanism for our VIP investors. If by the end of the ICO exchange rate of cryptocurrency used to buy our tokens increases then we will proportionally compensate our VIP investors with additional Dice tokens. To get this benefit and become our VIP investor, you should buy Dice tokens for at least 1BTC or 10ETH.

All operations and interactions between investors and platform are conducted by smart contracts. They define logic and conditions that will never be changed. One of the major advantages of owning Dice tokens is that we offer our investors the mechanism to keep the balance of the Dice tokens according to the initial invested sum.


According to the tokens distribution model 70% of tokens released is for the public sale, 15% of tokens devoted to the project team will be frozen for 365 days, 5% of tokens will go to the prize fund of the first bonus tournament, 3% of tokens will cover bounty program and 7% of tokens devoted to the reserve fund will be frozen for 180 days.


In early stages the ICO participants will be provided with discounts. Time limitations and agreed sum of tokens will define the completion of each following stage. We are planning to conduct HOT Private Sale with the discount of 40%.


We have developed the distribution model of the raised fund according to which 40% will cover marketing expenses, 40% is devoted to platform and game development, 13% will cover legal expenses and advisory, 7% is for the other expenses like admistrative and research activities.


The main financial projections for the project:

  • CPI – $4
  • Organic Users (players who entered the game on their own initiative) – 9-17%
  • Churn (natural withdrawal of the users engaged in the game) – 30-13%
  • Paying share (paying users) – 15-20%
  • 50% of the platform income will be directed to the prize fund of the bonus tournaments

Paying Users Projections

Currently, we are the new discovery in the world of iGaming. Our primary goal is to have the clients using the DICEGAME platform and playing our games in every corner of the world. With minimum investment we are able to cover rather small local market, but our aim is to break into the world of whales.

Revenue Projections Based on the Soft Cap

We have estimated user engagement in the project for the following 5 years. Based on this data we have calculated the cumulative revenue of the platform. To get more details please see the financial projections based on the Soft Cap and Hard Cap.

Financial Projections Based on the Soft Cap

Marketing budget set during the ICO is measured based on the Soft Cap forecast of the tokens collection. The budget estimated in no less than $840 000 of the first year of the project development and in average for 5 years $4 mln is aimed at the initial user involvement into the project. It will allow to keep the moderate growth of users during the whole projection period. Thus, till the end of the year 2023 it's planned to get more than 500 000 of active paying users into the platform. So that, it will be possible to collect no less than $102 mln of the income for the whole period of the projection.

Financial Projections Based on the Hard Cap

Dice Token Projections

Based on the financial projections of the platform, we can predict the price of the Dice token. We have selected the method of the discontinued cash flows to project the token price. The market value is estimated using the DCF method and presented in the table below (all calculations are based on the Soft Cap).

Platform Overturn Projections

For evaluating the Dice token turnover we have included only platform circulation excluding operations outside the platform.

Please look at the table below that represents the functioning and scaling mechanisms of the fees planned to be of use in the DICEGAME platform.